The picture to the right is not snowballs in Cedar Key, but rather the result of putting fats, oils and grease (FOG) down the drain. These are grease balls that were recently removed from the system. Putting fats, oils and grease down the drain can really gum up the works and cause failure at the sewage treatment plant.  This can in turn result in harmful discharges to the environment.  It is important that all individuals and business in Cedar Key take great care not to dispose of fats, oils or grease down any drain. 

--Always wipe grease off pots and dishes with a paper towel before washing or putting in the dishwasher.

--Always put used fats, oil, or grease in a container and then into the garbage.
This page was last updated: January 19, 2018


And if they don’t disintegrate, they WILL cause serious problems
for you and the Cedar Key Water and Sewer District

It’s a problem affecting wastewater systems across the country: the increasing popularity of so-called “flushable wipes” in place of toilet paper.  While toilet paper disintegrates quickly after flushing, wipes clearly do not, despite the claims of manufacturers.  A simple test conducted by Consumer Reports, which can be viewed online, shows toilet paper breaking apart after just a few seconds of mild agitation in water, while a sample of the most popular wipes survived being in agitated in water with an electric kitchen mixer for 10 minutes with no noticeable disintegration.

What this means for you is the possibility of your own pipes
becoming clogged with wipes so that wastewater backs
up into your home.  It also means the prospect of much
higher wastewater rates in the future.  The Cedar Key Water
and Sewer District has already experienced several
instances of wipes becoming entangled in and disabling
wastewater pumps.  Cleaning and repairing these pumps
is a dirty, time-consuming task, that requires your friends
James, Neil and Billy to disconnect the pump, raise it out
of the lift station, drain the sewage out of it, and then
struggle to remove the stringy mess from the impellers. 
Not only is this a terrible waste of staff time, it can be
dangerous, and very costly if the pump eventually has
to be replaced.  Lift Station Pump Clogged With Wipes

Some wastewater utilities are already having to install expensive grinder pumps to deal with the problem.  If the District is forced to go this route, you can be sure that your wastewater rates will go up due to the extraordinary expense of purchasing, installing, powering, and maintaining a large number of these grinder pumps.

So PLEASE, for the sake of your own pipes, and to keep wastewater rates as low as possible, do not flush any of the following items, regardless of whether the packaging claims the item is flushable:

•Adult or baby wipes    •Diapers•Cotton swabs
•Paper towels•Moist towelettes •Toilet cleaning pads
•Feminine hygiene products      •Any consumer item that is not toilet paper